How Do I Play Others? (Tutorial)

Playing games against others is fun and easy to do. Rodeo Judge uses Google Plus accounts for logons on Androids devices and Game Center for iPhone/iPads. Just sign in with your account, go to the multiplayer section of the game, search for someone to challenge, and its game on.

Now lets challenge someone to play! Go to “Multi”, then “Game”, then pick a tournament. Press “Play”, then select someone from your friends list, or search for a player. You can also choose the “auto pick” player option and we will match you with others that are online.

Other Multiplayer options

There are other options under the “Multi” button. Check out what achievements you have won! See where you rank in the leaderboards and continue and play go rounds in the “Matches” screen. The “Matches” screen is where you can play a turn, accept an invitation to play, and view past game scores.

That’s it! You just learned how to get online and challenge someone to play. Now game on..